Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Autumnal Good Byes

Stand In Fall Out (2K5)

Thought I'd leave things off with one last peek at me (or my image-in-hairy surrogate) here, as I've pretty much flown the Cookoop south for the Nuclear Winter to
I'm not sure anybody ever much came here anyways, but I'll still continue to put up the posts looking Faces in Places straight on hereabouts, on the off chance someone's reading this blather and bother. Like the above slide, which was to serve as an representative intermediary emmisary, between me and the audience of an art grad school's review board. But there's also the additionally reflexive commentary going on with the picture inside the picture. Though I'll tell you this was all staged. One can imagine that I'm engaged in a critique, that itself is critiquing the critique process, where a body of work, or a piece of yours, is to be measured as a gage of yourself: Some thing that's supposed to speak for you, which might be allright in a situation that requires mediation, like here our dialogue out here in psyberspace, or when you need to clothe your self in another skin for legal reasons involving exposure of your natural indecency, but these gestures inevitably fall short of expressing the totality of a human being themselves in all their complexity. So I hope to turn the process on its head and say there's an inevitable fall out that occurs when filtering eachother, radioactive by-product, even when you're not sitting in front of a cathode emitting screen and holding plactics no doubt containing volatile organic compounds in unergonometrically correct postures for extended periods, when a "work" is produced in leiu of natural art to being ourselves. I think this helps to explain in part the impulse in general to imbue our world with anthropomorphicized structures, we're trying to replace a deep seated need for intimate connection with our world, you know: that, coupled with the simple fact that, as Anais Nin put it so eloquently; "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." So in that sense all Stoph's Stuff is borne of a yearning to reconnect with y'all and everything.


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