Tuesday, February 28, 2006

H+R Block Heads, Squares, n' Financial Quarters

Well, well, well. Seems my suspicions, aroused of course markedly a few years back with the inception of the h&r block'head' logo and all too professionally concieved & developed little green block men color schematics, were confirmed. The world is round not square, and it's built for folks who know how to roll properly, not for those who would seek nothing other than a strait bottom line and hope to someday 'roll in it'. And it can't be healthy to operate under delusions to the contrary. Case in point against the square types going after only the green, turning a mean profit on a dime:

The rececnt advertisement campaigns of this corporation targeted hungry to turn a quick buck, lottery style... they claim their average investigation yields returns of $1500 for folks who filed taxes the year previous, who missed out on claiming deductions for such an amount then. FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR DOING NOTHING... or next to it. Just sign on the dotted line where it sais you agree to have us broker the deal. No big deal perhaps. And I have no specific knowledge to the contrary that would indicate that that claim is specious. But my point rather is that one can not live in an environment where a message like that is continuously broadcast without becoming effected by it. And who has to hear these claims more than the very people who work there? The whole point of taxes in fact is that nothing comes without its price. But these narratives and images, created to make us momentarily forget these aspects of doing business, begin to pound away at one's personal psyche and belief structures; inevitably effecting how one sees things. The stories we tell one another constitute the building blocks of how we construct our very realities. The architecture of our surroundings cannot help color our interpretation, or misinterpretation, of the worlds we inhabit. When all we recognize is black+white and green all over the place, the joke will always be on us. One does not have to look far or long and hard at the following picture to imagine what kind of story I'm linking to below:



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