Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How bout it Mom!

To read all about the post here, see my last entry; to which this is really a kind of post-script (just as that post on Citgo's tri-eye guy was inspired in response to the BlogHead's at H+RBlock post previous to that) focusing on the good being done at Citgo and the three-pronged buisness modeling tool put forth by McDonough & Braungart. As I was writing that post: I mentioned their triumvarate of valuaters, the 3-E's (Ecology, Economy, & Equity) vs. the traditional 3-R's (Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing) of buisness as usual, to my mother with whom I share office space (or rather she's nurturing enough to share with me). And she got excited to understand me for once when I spoke of the benefits of fractals in modeling behavior, as the group she serves as Executive Director; the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform, relies heavily on their own similar tool for planning moves in three directions: towards 'academic excellence', 'develomental responsiveness', and here again 'social equity'. Their 3-E's were the inspiration behind their logo in fact; she tells me. Where as how in the rat race they're always chasing the solitary bottomline, in education this more grounded technique measures sucess more fully than the 3-R's of education (Reading, Riting, & Rithmatic) focused on by test-results-crazy misleadingly named 'No Child Left Behind' does. In fact, it's very appropriate to use the term grounded to refer to aids that take a three dimensional approach to action. Just as profit only oriented means flatten the landscape into binary considerations of 'will this make me money? Yes or No?' So too does looking anything from a single point of view serve to sever an understanding of the world in all it's multidimensional/3-D technicolor splender. Maybe that's why they call it camera obscura. You can never appreciate the complexity of a given situation unless you look at in the full light of day, which has value scales encompassing all shades of grey and is colored by the full-spectrum of experience. Differing proportions of Red, Green, & Blue; all primary colors needed to see clearly, just as one needs three legs on which to build a table or as any experienced rockclimber will tell you, ideally your body should have three points of contact with the Earth at all times to insure balance. Symbologists understand this can explain why the Masons used the unfinished pyramid scheme and why the Christian Church uses the metaphor of the Holy Trinity to ground their teachings. The third eye is a universal symbol of enlightenment. I know for sure that's the hidden archetecture underlying my personal iconography, themes, and fondness for 'tri eye guys'. Thanks Mom for being on it this time.


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