Friday, March 10, 2006

New High Tech Burn Bomb

Q: Why does Phillips look so pouty with those full lips and doe 9y9s?
A: Perhaps its heard word there's a new gizmo out there; poised to revolutionize bombing as we know it, and make development of incredibly detailed stencils for adbusting an even more effecient tool for taking back occupied streets.

And now you too have heard it here, possibly first...

A new wave of high powered laser printers stands poised to permanantly etch its way into the hearts and minds of a new generation of disenfranchised art students and streetniks. They can literally burn holes through paper like butter. At UIUC's Art+Design building, students can now pay a nominal 15 cent fee per sheet to print paper with insanely intracately patterned holes in paper, effectively creating highly complex stencils or reusable screens for transfering patterns in ink onto flat surfaces. Before most stencilling was done by hand in pain staking process of exactoing out designs thru thin cardboard or thick paper. Now in mere seconds a design that would have previously taken dozens of hours, just in time to combat the aesthetics of hegemonized non-space, and flatness in visual material's urbanized landscape. Multi-color process, CMYK type design, can be replicated up to half tones, just so long as the negative space (say if one's using benday dot process; which photoshop can filter any image to) doesn't over crowd the positive. Basically the old stencil rules still apply, like when pumpkin carving let's say :

I'll update this post when I know more details or have executed actual examples. Thanks go to Katie Hargrave for filling me in on this exciting new media, after my jaw dropped at my first sighting of the technology in action, and in advance for being my hookup still at that school with printing lab priveleges she's sharing.


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