Tuesday, December 13, 2005

BK1-2 whole punch

Hi everybody. So Oakland/SanFranscico's vivacious Paula McGibbon, while on her lunch break, sent me the below pix in a txt mssg of a Face in Place. Actually she was probably just sending me a picture of where she was, and then I, being me, naturally saw the Face in Place in place of the appealing burger king logo the advertisers imprint you to hunger for. Paula and I have been conversating a lot of late, but met only after my recent Faces in Places project went off, on my subsequent trip to the BayArea to scope out grad schools. So I decided to give her a firsthandheld taste of what it is I've gotten into doing lately, by composing the following new txt mssg reply. For the Open*Source project I bought a phone capable of taking higher-rez night time shots, but refunded it once the project's mssgs went out (a great technique for budding artists to employ when showing work... buy big screen tvs for the duration of your show). The old phone ironically could only send pix w/1000 characters worth of txt, but my old cruddy version's capable of sending much more. So there's no size-limit I've found, to how long a peripatetic analysis and commentary I can compose, in response to examples of these anthropomorphic phenomenon: appropriate; as there seems to be no limit to the amount we can gather from some Faces in Places. That's what eventually brought me to the point of exhibiting examples and writing about them... there's so much there! I've really felt at times an informational exchange with some FnP I've closely encountered, on par with the amount of volumes of data you'd recieve in first impressionable conversation with a new person... even if we don't sit down and chat in my usual liberal interpretation of the English language. I've become somewhat of the authority on the subject... so I'm offering now my expertise: I'll provide the service of analyzing any example of 'Faces in Places'tm sent my way FREE OF CHARGE for a limited time only
So without further much ado here's my latest:
BK1-2 Punch Fry Burger Cattlecall Brand

Bk may 86 der new ad campAN w/d king character: apparently, people Rn't respondN well enough 2 d guy (n d suit he stole off d king o spades, & d maskd XpreshN, w/dat smile 4ever plastrd on2 his face, offering up "free" whopRs). wuts 2 B made o dis change n d public face o dis massive, yet floundRN, Mpire? letC… judjN from d pic U sent: dey've electd anothr shineN XampL of a Bcon, but when i look, i can't help but notice anothr Bmen face; beckonN us 2 “eat M!”. this1z even more masked; hidN, perhaps even from its Dsignr. tho I kinda doubt it: no; not w/a contract dis big. Der MployN pros traind 2 understand & upEL 2 r deepst primal Dsires. hence d primary palatte chosen 4 d palatial bag can be seen as taking aim @ R hopes 4 symetry & balance N R daily lives.
ders a longN 4 simplicity too. & companionship as well.
scott mccloud, n his understandN comics breaksdown exceLNtly d relation Btween humans & der remakeN o d earth n der own self-image. E gets why we so identify w/cartoon figures, like R ‘have it your way’/‘have a nice day’ smilemoticon fryguy here. dey simply resemble r not 2 fleshed out internal maps we keep of ourselves n navigateN D world & conversing w/others, from whom we stream N abundance of data (visual & nonverbal Qs n addition 2 spoken dialogue).
so we can gather, from bk's packajNz considered about face, a l’il inversion of d old adage “U R wut U eat,” in that: if der logo's a surrogate; 4 D clear logos of face 2 face communication, den d most strikingly prominNt feature's d blood red name, writ large acrost where der my whatta big mouth'd be: D better 2 eat U raw w/my dear fellow consumR. ‘fellow’ sure but also ‘subject,’ 2 d crown's DcrEz. even tho d king's himself may not keep makeN suprIZ appearNces N R beds; on d tv... his uncanny, regal, HD visage? but a lowrez 1 at that--- frozN N a warm smile, onto which we have trouble connecting 2--- as we must project a reason he's so eternally chipper. most of us peasants ain’t got much Xperienz w/wut s’like 2 B king. we'd like 2 be. I've heard 'tis good 2 B. & this ad offers us d simul8d xperience of that: Bcomin D BK whopper U R eatN & CB4 U.


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