Sunday, May 07, 2006

thyme machine

From the invite:
Here I'm staging a covert interventionist art action; becoming for the Hort Club this year's program artist, flyer designer, & final garden head. Using and interpreting 19th century, visionary, science fiction author H.G.Wells' dystopic masterpiece indictment 'the Time Machine' as source material & vehicle for examing how class warfare, Victorian colonialism, and Industrial consumerism's functions and relates to one of this community's most beloved and attended annual spectacles.
" Chri5+()>her Kasak (a post-graduate of UIUC's painting program), used this opportunity to underscore the impact our much enjoyed Flower Show and horticultural landscaping practice often takes on our environment. He hopes to hypnotically suggest some alternative means that might help us collectively avoid eternal dystopia. In this, his first garden design, besides tchlotchkes, exotics, invasives, and plants grown non-organically out of season, for contrast you may find featured: natives, naturalized, and perrennial prairie plant species which flourished and evolved here under the attentive stewardship of an much different Illini Nation not so very long ago, creating deep-ecological relations with the land's copious creatures, features, and indigenous spirits, some of the richest terra firma the world's ever known underfoot of where we stand now today." --- partial text from the actual display

The general public was welcomed to this event, and as always admission was free. All plants and many other displayed items will be available for sale, and the proceeds will go to fund educational programs for the club through out the year as well as club scholarships. The Flower Show is student run by UIUC's Horticulture Club. The mission of the Flower Show is to educate and inspire design and variety in the public while simultaneously supplementing the students' academic learning with real world skills relating to horticulture. blah blahs blase blaghs bs. Just know that we fixed it to have a functional 8ft tri-zonal space warper ala austin powers. I figured since I couldn't arange for sale of quasi legal plants, I could still trip people out.

From the show:
Even though you probably had to be there, knowing how I document...

A XXXtra little taste is yours for the taking, that was not found likely to be palatable, what got XXXed out by overiding commitee...

Here's where their flow show ends...

What'dyou think? Chow for now.


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