Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OBAMANATION from mid to the far west

From the Biggest Man among you, to our very least.  This Land is our promissed land. We are United, and we have finally come to the mountaintop only to see the next peak to climb, and that that job is in our hands.  We come from you, and me, and our Forefathers; from Gulf Stream Waters to Staton Island.  We came from yet another skinny lawyer, heading to the big seat in the East. He hails from the Lands of Lincoln, and Aloha alike.  Linking the chains of American History to the opening curtains of its final act.  USABCD End.  With fresh eyes we finally see we now are one under the Sun; something new, yet eternally true.  We recognize eachothers' truths and Rights to exist Freely under the Rule of Law.  In the Chief Executive's Office's first memorialized act (Chief of Staff Emanuel's 1st White House MEMO), a cease and desist was put to all Federal mandates of the previous administration's.  In the word's of the First Couple's first dance: 'At Last'. Thank Gods almighty.  We are one under the eyes of the law.  Right on from here on out.  Right on!  Now we only need to get ourselves in full compliance, fully united under the guiding light of these principles.  We just have to shed the light of justice upon us, and shed the shackles we have heretofore imposed.  I pledge allegiance, w/Liberty and Justice for A-L-L!  I-N-I!
-from the Haleakala offices of the acting CHIEF Executive Officer of these Universe/cities of W/Illinois  


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