Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It Begins (almost)...

The following's this 2-part way too epic email adressed to author Daniel Pichbeck, sorry but the story picks up here abouts. The 1st big passage addresses his recent article in Arthur magazine, and the 2nd concerns research we could do on our mutually respective books.

Dear Daniel,
Always a pleasure to stumble upon words from you: as, I think, with this latest arthur piece especially, I find your sage words of warning well-timed and right on. I too really got first enraptured, and maybe dangerously esconsced, with the techno~eschatological rap, as it was beautifully espoused by that ole McKenna scamp. Much akin I rekin, to how taken he himself became with Huxley's bag as a precocious naive: if only half...

As I matured, and I guess now that he's moved on (read: dead), I eventually became able to get seriously disturbed by how much of the strom und dunder of the space-missile-silo-psi-bent resembled the mythology of the technocracy. I happened the other week to be toob-surfing past cnn just as President W made a memorable misaddress somewheres, deep into his teleprompting, hailing his personal lord and savior: "technology is the answer" right as the transmission got scrambled. Cut to CNN talking head in news central repeating without the slightest tinge of witting irony: "sorry our signal cut out there folks, the president was saying how technology is the answer."

Gotta hand it to them hyperspatial elfs pulling the funny strings though, they do boast mad-sick skills on the mic. They just don't come right out and say anything straight up, there's subtle complexity goin on, layers upon layers to the joke. In faerie-folks emisary McKenna's own admission, when once reflecting upon I think a question like 'why he thought the hammer hadn't come crashing down on his parade'--- he was saying how at first glance he could come off as either, an academic (QED: harmless), a raving loony not far removed from the bum on the corner repeating his essential mantra (" 'Repent sinners, the End is Near!' or maybe just 'the End is Near', and the possibilities that since he didn't embrace so much the vertically integrating approach of Leary with his catchy broadlycast slogans as much as catchy t-shirt-syllogism lines of deductive logic the Man had been too busy to notice, or that enjoyed 'sanctioning.'

The repent part all too often gets postscripted, which followed his primary insight into our planetary systems rebirth, stuck in the g-spot hit gravity-beam, which forces us now from out the amniotic ocean unto the birth canal, Tolstoy's question: "What now is to be done?" McKenna saw the answer not in just accepting the gifts of technology (hmm... now I'm questioning the Santa Clause, y'know he and his elvin lot originated around those super mario Fly Agaric shrumor Reindeer), but in learning the techniques of the mid-wife. But it's no wonder why media representation of his whole deal would gloss over those aspects and glom upon the more apocalyptical elements.

Sorry to harp on all that for so long in an unsolicited emailing, as you probly pretty much knew all that, and you're right to call into question the precipitous nature of hoofing those narcotic lines as commonly dealt on the meme market by the singularitists and their conterpoints in the administration elite. I liked your take on parallel lines when I originally encountered them in some art mag awhile back during my studies here in Champbana (where I just finally attained my degree in painting at the Illin' U), back when you were on about digital technology presenting artists with a call similar to the artisans of the renaissance era. Technique baby, you got it down in spades.

So there's this guy I heard who's got a good take on them aliens you're into now, for a guy who's repeatedly been taken by them. Intelligent and comical firsthand abduction accounts can be hard to come by I know. So check out Valiens.com and you can preview his stuff there at "the latest" link.
Now that I'm all gradeeated, as I outlined in my senior BFA thesis "[under the] influence", although not advancing on immediately to any of the grads I applied to, I've kinda pursuing my own stoph stuff and am doing things (AS IT HASN'T REALLY WORKED OUT) in the style of my peers. So I quit the art of me, and I'm now crafting a book much like yours actually. It's semi-autobigraphical, about this guy who when faced w/the loss of his childhood houseboat, goes on a serious vision quest in order to understand the meaning of these mysterious faces he keeps seeing everywhere in everything. Tentatively entitled "Face to Face: with Signs of Intellegent Life" "Face", a lot like your 'Head' book but without the budget for travel expenses, will have pictures of faces seen in street signs and other stuff on every other page speaking volumes accompaning the text, which I will start today.
So if there's any guys you think I should check out in my research please lemme know. Steiner seems like a good lead, but where to start with him? Also know of any good stuff about Djinn, the face as neo-platonic form of advertising goldmine, etc? And I could probably use a good editor's name as even my emails stretch on way too long.

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